30 Mar 2011

i spy a filofax!

Re-watching P.S. I Love You last night on Film4 reminded me of a print screen I made several months ago! Look what I found:

I print screened this while watching the film on my laptop. To my untrained eye, it appears to be a Red Finsbury in the Personal Size? Though one of you out there may be more of an expert than me so this is purely a somewhat educated guess from me!

Speaking of Filofax sightings, I noticed that one of my lecturers' use a Pocket sized Filo. Never had the chance to see what model it was though but I thought that is pretty cool as I rarely see them at university!

EDIT: On second thoughts, that looks like a Red Finchley! How can I not have thought that to begin with. The distinctive clasp...and I own three of those bad boys!


  1. Wow, I've watched that movie a time or two and never caught the filofax scene! Off to find the dvd to rewatch....


    P.S. Maybe my eyes were glued to scenes with Gerard Butler....

  2. Ha ha, I don't blame you for having your eyes glued to Gerard Butler's scenes; he is quite a dish!

    I've also had glimpses of Filofaxes in other films/TV programmes but I seem to have lost the screencaps so will have a dig on my laptop once exams are done (until the end of June...) :]

  3. I was about to say, looks like it could be a red Finchley, then read on and saw you'd thought of that. I'd lean to that because of how flat it lies!

  4. I watched this too and straight away thought of a red Finchley although I thought it was A5 but after seeing your screen shot I agree it looks more like a personal size. It is shown closed in the background on top of a box not long after this shot too.

  5. I remember seeing this movie in the theater with my Filo-loving friend and getting very excited at this scene. I don't quite remember the details, but I remember that a Filo was involved! And I agree that this looks like a personal red finchley.

  6. Looks like the general consensus is that it is in fact a Finchley then! Gonna keep my eyes peeled now for more films or TV programmes which may have a shot or two of a Filofax!