17 Jun 2011

new blog URL and name

So, for the past few weeks, I've been thinking of a new name for the blog and it was only a few days ago that I managed to think of one. 'Paper Lovestory'. I think this name is better than 'Paper Rush' as for me, I'm a romantic at heart (I'll make no bones about that) and I soften at a romantic story.  In my head, I have my future personal love all planned out (filled to the nines with Price Charming, long flowing hair, a wedding in the winter complete with snow, a romantic proposal) but I know that dreams rarely become reality! Still, I can dream - hence the 'love story' part of the blog name.

I've kept the word 'paper' as I feel that also fits in well with my interests. I'm a geek by nature and if I try and cover that up; I'll only be lying to you all (and I love my readers!) and also myself. Anyway, I'd better end this post before it gets too long.

One last thing: expect a new site header once exams finish for me! (28th of June at 5pm, I'm counting down the minutes, never mind hours! And then...roll on third year!)

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