10 Oct 2011

my classic items

Here are a list of my 'classic' items I could not live without. These are things to do with fashion, life and study and some may be a bit generic but maybe that is what makes a classic in the first place, right?

Anyway, here is the first one. This one is in the fashion category.

My Aquascutum Fleet mac.

I got it in the House of Fraser sale at 70% off the RRP and I have to say, I love it! It goes with anything and is a classic item. I do think they are better than Burberry trenches as these are less 'chavtastic' due to all the fake Burberry caps and whatnot that 'chavs' wear. (For those that don't know, 'chav' actually stands for 'council housed and violent' and was actually used first by the police in the UK but in time, people have taken it as another word for yobs.)

My second item is in the life category and is, of course, to do with organisation.

Since reverting back to my Filofax, I really appreciated how much fun organisation can be! And with Filofaxes being 'big' back in the 80s within the 'yuppie' culture, it can be deemed a classic as that was before I was even born!

My third item is 'study' and although I haven't had this item for long, I am in love with it already! It's my new Macbook Pro!

I bought it instore in the Regent Street store in London and I'm so glad I did for the experience of taking it home and setting it up myself, etc. The Macbook Pro is included as it is a classic - it is something that is important for the computer industry and that is why it is here in my post.

What are your classic items? Is it a bag? Or a car? Your house if you feel it is full of character? Or is it something that reminds you of something good?

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  1. green filofax, handkerchief, lipbalm, pen with grey ink, silver spinning ring with hebrew on it...and a ponytail