7 Oct 2011

a new setup

Since returning to my Vintage Rose Personal Finchley, I have had to set it up again in a way that would work for my lifestyle. And this post is all about my new set up.

1) Opening it up, I am greeted with this: a tube map and photos of my mum and dad with me when I was a baby (to remind me of hard times when we had to scrimp and save on everything). There is also a picture of a duck my sister drew.

2) My 'Today' ruler - it has two sticky notes on it, one of which is for planning my 30 day wardrobe challenge with only ten articles of clothing and the other has my '30 Day Clothing List' which currently only has one item on the list.

3) Here, you can see that I have checklists for each day. These should lessen when term starts as I will have to start using 'To Do' pages instead of writing daily checklists in the required space for each day.

4) The next picture is a week view. You can see I underline important times in red pen and you can also see the piping I added to separate the weekdays from the weekends and also the 'This Week' section from the the weekdays on the left.

5) These are note pages that came with the German 2011 and 2012 diaries.

6) In my notes section, I have tabs labelled as follows: 'General' (actually just a 'Notes' cotton cream separator), a tab for the hall I'm living in next year as a hall senior so I can plan events and also write packing lists and my university wardrobe inventory, etc. These two sections come before the diary and then after, there are more notes. The next tab is the 'Information' tab which houses my UCAS stuff - for my graduate medicine application and the last tab is the 'Blog' tab where I write down blog post ideas I may get whilst on the tube or just randomly. It is also where I plan new blog layouts if I have a sudden impulse to change the design.

7) Finally, this is the business card holder which holds sticky note tabs and also other random bits. I'm considering getting rid of this business card holder though because I can house these note tabs on the card holders which are part of the binder.

So this is how it is now set up :) Obviously it may change from time to time but that's the beauty of Filofax(es). You can change them every day if you wanted, thanks to the rings but that would be a bit excessive!


  1. Oh I do love that ! Your hand writing is so small and perfect! I have tried the smaller size planners but I write too big and seems like its so messy looking, but always go back to my half size planner, its stays at my desk so no need to carry it with me. But the smaller planners look better! The last 3 pictures wouldn't load up for some reason. thought it was my browser but other browsers did the same.. = (

  2. aww all the pics aren't showing up...can't wait to see though: love the way this is looking so far!!

  3. For me only the top 5 pics are loading, rest doesn't. Your handwriting is so neat btw, almost like printed!

  4. I love your handwriting. Soo neat. I also love the idea of using the Business card holder for post it notes. Genius. :) xx

  5. What is the wardrobe challenge? as ive seen it mentioned beforeon your blog....

    And i carry my NI card in my filofax, i dont know why....

    I love your blog design, dont change it but make a button for like I love paper love story or something, i want to put it on my blog eek

    What is the Luella business card for sorry to be so nosey but ive been wondering for a while its been there for AGES

    Sorry for such a long comment just love reading about your filofax layouts as yours are amazingly cute and pretty :-D eeeek xxx

  6. I love your layout, it's beautiful and so organised! I'd love to see how your A5 Finchley is coming along. :) I managed to grab myself a pocket sized teal Finchley through Germany's sale, I love how soft the leather is!

  7. Hi Angela, what a great blog, and I'm *very* envious of your handwriting :)

    One question....I see you're a big user of colour in your diary, and elsewhere that you're a fan of Muji colour gel pens. However, I see you also use Staedler pens from one of the photos. Which of these do you use in your diary? I'm currently a user of the Pilot v5 colour pens, but the bleed-through on the (very cheap) Filofax paper is *terrible*....have you used both types of pen in your Filofax, and which do you find gives you the least bleed-through?


  8. Imy - there are a few variants of the Wardrobe Challenge - there is one for 30 days where you only have 10 articles of clothing (not including underwear, etc) and have to rotate those items of clothing within the 30 days which is the one I'm going to do. There is another similar one but I've forgotten how it goes as I've never done it personally :-)

    I might make a button once I save some moneys for Photoshop for Mac :-) I don't have that yet :-(

    The Luella business card is for a purse I bought - one for me and one for my sister and I've kept them as I love Luella stuff.

    Annabelle - Thank you! Will do a post on the A5 Finchley once I've set it up properly. I'm still looking for an A5 layout that suits me. Currently umming and ahhing over the Dodopad and also the generic Filofax ones!

    David - I just use those Staedler felt tip pens to draw the lines to separate the note sections and also the weekend from the rest of the week. I prefer to use my Muji pens as that gives me the least bleed through on the cotton cream paper though if I'm honest, the Uniball Signo Gelstick gives the least bleed through out of all my pens. I know it isn't the most glamourous pen but it works and that's all that matters for me :-)

  9. Awww Thanks, i believe i dont have enought clothes to do 10 things for 30 days :-( i will reasearch in to all this :-D

    I would love to have a paperlovestory button :-)
    ahhh thank you :-) xxx

  10. Angela, thanks for the advice re pens. Agreed, the Uniballs aren't the prettiest, but this is about function, and given Filofax's blatant couldn't-care-less attitude to paper quality it's a case of 'needs must'. Thanks again!

  11. Did you get this from the great german train robbery then? I bought an A5 finchley in rose and a pocket in teal. I'm currently using the A5 as my Uni diary and the pocket as my purse. I've just bought a personal and a pocket in mustard from the danish site too. I am OBSESSED with finchleys. Gutted I didn't see this personal rose on the german site :/ Love your collection :)

  12. Hiya Deeji - no I didn't get the personal from the German site. The only one I got from the German site was the A5 Finchley :-)