1 Oct 2011

september { can't live withouts }

This is a start of a new series of posts :-) Every month, I'll be posting the things I couldn't live without and why. Here is this month's (September 2011) with a commentary below the image.

From top left to bottom right:

Muji 0.5mm Gel Pens / /  essential for the exam prep I was doing! The amount of writing I had to do was crazy - practice papers, practising essay writing and planning under tight timed conditions - it was crazy to say the least and I have no idea how many pens I went through!

Sweet snacks / / for the times went I couldn't think and nothing was working! Jelly beans are good for an instant sugar boost and mentos are good (but only occassionally of course as we all know what the consumption of too many mints can result in...!) for the times where I needed to wake up a little. I normally feel sleepy between 2pm and 3pm so the occassional Mento was beneficial for that reason.

Arwey notebook / / to plan blog posts in! The pen loop and pen is very, very useful. The notebook is also small (but not too small) and light enough for me to carry around in my handbag.

Nail polish / / The ones on the left and right were freebies from magazines and the one in the middle is 'Peach Melba' by Barry M. I love painting my nails girly colours and the pink ones match my Vintage Rose Finchley which is always a bonus :-)

Comfy flats / /  for those long days on my hospital work experience where I may have to walk a bit. Also for the days where I go shopping or days where I know a lot of walking is involved. These Clarks shoes are perfect for that and they actually look quite cute too! These shoes completely changed my opinion of Clarks and I now think that they also cater for the young as well as the old.

Andoku Android App / / ideal for those moments where you're bored for some reason or other. I also do one every morning when I wake up to try and get my brain into gear. To top it off, the app is free!

No Filofax this month as I was using a Moleskine in the first two weeks and only changed to a Filofax in the third week. Maybe next month though when I'll be up to my neck in helping freshers' settle into uni and also new academic year admin.

What were your September essentials?

Stay tuned for October's essentials towards the end of the month :-)


  1. I love Clarks shoes. Most of my boots and work shoes are Clarks. They look good and last forever!

  2. Picture missing?

    Another lover of Clarks shoes, had them since I was a kid... yes they have been around a long time!

  3. Great post! I've loving my kindle, flex by filofax and tesco fizzy sweets!

  4. CP - I love Clarks now :-) I can't stop browsing their website!

    Steve - the picture works fine for me?? :s And I used to have Clarks shoes as a kid and it just didn't seem cool but now, I love them!

    Ally - I looooove fizzy sweets even though they are so bad for you hehe

  5. I cant see the pic either :-(

  6. I can't see the pic either. But fab post :) xx

  7. How about now? :-) I changed the image host so hopefully it'll work now.

  8. I can see the picture :-)

    I love hwo all your pictures just look so cute, i dont know what it is about them? do you use a filter or something? x