24 Feb 2012

i was a bit naughty...

...and just placed an order for the Alice Temperley for Filofax 'The Affair'.

I'm excited... though not for checking my bank balance! It's safe to say that these two months where I've kept fashion and accessories shopping to a minimum is paying off as I can actually afford to splash out for this Filofax. Also, this Filofax will last for years to come and it's also a fashion accessory!
So... the main questions:

  • Will a Flex notebook work for me?
  • Will the smaller ring size (I'm used to the personal Finchley 23mm) work for me?
  • Will it be worth its pricetag?

Stay tuned to find out! It should be here in a few days, in which time, I'll have finished my exams for my final year so I'll be able to blog more :D and more importantly, review this Filofax!


  1. WOW!!!!! So excited to see your views! and i miss your blog xxx

  2. I'm excited for its impending arrival! Though I may decide not to keep it due to its high price - not sure I can justify it but I'll wait til I see it to be the judge of that.

    I've missed blogging and tweeting with the Philofaxy/stationery community too :-( but my phone hasn't got internet now and it's been such a hectic final year so far! Will be back soon after my exam on Tuesday!

  3. Oh my gosh, can't wait to hear what you think about the Affair. I think both of them are gorgeous and while I don't think I can a) justify the spend or b) cope with the smaller rings I so want one (or both!!)

    Looking forward to your blog post so so much


  4. I'm not sure I can justify the spend either but I'll wait til it arrives for me to decide that :-) I may fall in love with it once it arrives and is in my hands :-) And with the smaller rings, I've been wanting to downsize from my 23mm Finchley ones lately as I've found a way to decrease the number of pages I lug around with the use of my other Finchleys.

    I'm looking forward to posting about The Affair firsthand too :D x

  5. Wow, naughty! I hope you love it though!

  6. Good luck with the exam and I am looking forward to more blogging from you and a review!

  7. I do like that one, but the cost! oh my! Excited to live vicariously through you!