28 Feb 2012

good food review: Byron burgers!

For those of you in the UK, and more specifically in London, you may have already come across this restaurant: Byron. They do burgers in, what they say, are an American style and they have branches throughout London. The ones I've been too are in South Kensington, High Street Kensington and Westfield White City. Although the burgers do stray onto the more expensive and gourmet side, they really are the best burgers I have ever tasted. The lower cost options of Burger King and McDonald's just don't compare and the ones from Gourmet Burger Kitchen just seem too average.

My most recent visit was to the High Street Ken one with my sister as I hadn't seen her for a few weeks (even though she is at the same university as me!). And this is what we ordered and how we found it.

Fentiman's ginger beer - we loved the bottle!

If you order a drink that comes in a can or a bottle, they let you pour it yourself - which is good for us so we can pace ourselves to ensure that we have enough left for that last bite.

They have a different card for each branch - this one was the Queen of Hearts. I'm on a quest to collect them all!  

I ordered the American Cheeseburger. This is it half eaten. They lay a sheet of greaseproof paper under the burger which adds to the experience of a gourmet burger.

Rustic chips! Potato chips with the skin still on them - these were lightly salted - not overly salted like the McDonald's french fries.

Overall, my experience with Byron burgers have always been positive. The total bill including drinks came to about £25 for the two of us (we ordered a burger each, the chips to share and a drink each) which is a bit on the more expensive side but once in a while, as a treat, it is fine. Plus, we always find the burgers really filling which is another bonus!
Writing this post has made me crave another Byron visit but I had a takeaway just over a week ago so I don't think I should. Oh and that reminds me, if you don't feel like eating in, they also do takeaways. Waiting times is slightly quicker than if were to eat in but that's to be expected.

Takeaway message: If you are in or around an area that has a Byron, definitely seek it out. Although a cheaper burger alternative may seem appealing, everyone should try these burgers at least once! And not to mention the chips with the skin still on - absolutely delightful, especially with a tiny bit of ketchup!

P.S. It's my final written exam of my current degree ever today! Wish me luck :-)

Please note: all these pictures were taken by me so if you want to use them, please credit accordingly.

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