29 Feb 2012

an affair with... temperley for filofax


So, my last written exam for my degree had been sat and on my return back to halls, I decided to check my postbox... and there, waiting for me, was a slip that said I had a parcel to collect. Thinking it was a book I had ordered for my dissertation project, I sloped to the office to collect it and there, to my surprise, was a parcel from Filofax!

I opened the envelope carefully and pulled out a white box - in which was this beautiful dustbag with the Filofax inside...

The dustbag is a nude pink colour (the lighting is pretty bad in my room unfortunately so doesn't show the true colour of it). It feels silky even though it isn't and isn't it luxurious that a Filofax has a dustbag! That's what you expect of designer bags, but a Filofax?! I suppose this is kind of a designer Filofax.

Here is The Affair in all its glory...

The black lace looks really luxurious and it feels well made. As soon as I removed it from the dustbag, I knew I had fallen in love - hook, line and sinker. The black lace, the patent leather edges and the gold button clasp closure... And I hadn't even opened it up yet for a closer look!

The clasp in more detail - you can see 'Temperley London' on it.

A size comparison with my current Filofax that is in use: the Personal Finchley in Vintage Rose.

The size of The Affair makes it look like a giant but bear in mind what's inside...

You can clearly see the Flex A5 notebook and also the compact 15mm gold rings, holding personal sized inserts.

Big news here... it lies flat out of the box dustbag! Upon opening it up, you're greeted with more of the pink satin feel fabric that the dustbag is also made out of. It definitely has a luxurious feel to it.

Seeing this Flex notebook makes me not want to use it as it can't be bought anywhere! Once it's run out of pages to write on, I'll feel sad so I may save it for something that I will love using it for - maybe when I graduate or for a major project of some kind?

Next up is the card compartment which is under the Flex notebook side. Ample slots for cards and also a yoga schedule!

A page of what appears to be Alice Temperley's own handwriting. Unfortunately, it's just a copy!

The page marker - black with green writing and detailing... I love it!

Next, you can see the dividers which have leather detailing and the words in gold.

The back cover of The Affair. There is a clear card slot as well as a slot (which can be seen near the top). It came with a credit card sized clothes size converter.

Next, the gold rings of the compact personal side of The Affair...

And finally, the card that was also in the dustbag. 

So, this is The Affair. (I also forgot to mention this, but it also came with a 2012 diary in cotton cream). Overall, although the price is extortionate, it was love at first sight for me. I'm still debating about whether or not to keep it though due to the price but I really do love it. I may have to sell a few of my other Filofaxes in order to raise funds for this if I opt to keep it - so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain!

And my theory as to why these Filofaxes are priced so high? Only women are stupid enough willing to pay such a high price for a 'fashion accessory' and I'm sad to say that I couldn't resist having this in person (even if it may only be for a week or so before I return it!) so I paid the high price for it!

Bottom line is, I love it...just not the price (after all, it's more than twice the price of the personal Deco at its RRP!).


  1. Oh wow, I am incredibly jealous! it's absolutely gorgeous! And well..I have to say your theory about the high price may very well be true. How much does it weigh in comparison to the Finchley?

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have a pair of scales but from weighing it up in each hand, it feels almost twice as heavy! Though this may be due to the heavy Flex notebook as it is the larger of the two they sell (256 pages I think it is).

      On the plus side, the compact rings make up for this weight as it encourages you to put less in it I guess :-)

    2. Huh, I really wouldn't have guessed...but I guess since it functions as a planner and notebook in one it makes up for it! I'll still use the weight as a reason for why I shouldn't buy it haha. Trying to convince myself that I don't need it...and I'm failing miserably. Curious to see if you keep it or not :D

  2. It's so beautiful, I'm so jealous right now! I should definitely recommend you to have it! It's a treasure item on its own and would last for a very long time! I wish i could afford it!!! :) xx


  3. Its very beautiful and you had the chance to actually touch it! Hehe
    I really like the mix of personal size insets with an A5 notebook. Too bad that price is just nonsense. :-/

  4. Nice to see my city - Wellington, New Zealand - featured on the world map!