13 Feb 2013

cute Rilakkuma oversized paperclips

This is one of the things I got for Christmas from my sister this year. She knows how much I love Rilakkuma (I came back with Rilakkuma laundry hangers back in 2009 after a month-long holiday in Hong Kong!) and these are perfect! They are big - 10.5cm but they can hold a lot of paper together.

She got me one of each Rilakkuma character - from L to R, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori and Rilakkuma himself.

The characters are made from a rubber material and they seem sturdy enough.

Aren't they cute? My favourite is Korilakkuma - but that's because she looks like my own teddy bear :)


  1. These are so adorable! I love the little white bear, Korilakkuma, too. The pink ears did it for me. But the little duck, Kiiroitori, has the most adorable feet.

  2. These are just adorable! I like Rilakkuma, too. Your lucky to be able to go to Hong Kong and purchase a bunch. I have to resort to purchasing them online and waiting weeks to a month to actually get them.

  3. These are so cute :) I would love to be able to shop for stationary in Hong Kong - I've ordered stationary in the past, there's just such a wider and better range than there is here in the UK! When I went to New York, I found a tiny stationary shop and it had the most lovely things! I really regret not stocking up so much now!! I only bought a couple of journals, and I wish I could go back for more! xx

  4. These are just so adorable!! I love Rilakkuma so much I even had a 3D Rilakkuma bear shaped phone case. Very jealous, I would love those myself!
    Lovely blog btw :)

    Nicole xx