6 Feb 2013

stationery addicts anonymous meeting #10: Gina

This week, we have another addict willing to share their story. Welcome, Gina, to the world of being a stationery addict.


Helloooo guys! I'm Gina. I'm very excited to be featured in "Stationary Addicts Anonymous" hosted by Angela (thanks for including me!). So here are my "three" favorite items.

MONAMI Plus Pens

I caught these pens on sale on ebay and had fell in love with them ever since. The colors are just so perfect and they can be written smoothly on any kind of paper. I usually use them to decorate my journal entries or highlight important stuff in planners. Plus, they never seem to run out of ink ;)

Sticky notes and stickers

(And again, these are for my journal and planner.)

1. Mini sticky notes. They fit perfectly well in a square in calendars so they come really handy in planning.
2. & 6. Little stickers for expressing emotions and sometimes for example when I want to write "milk", I'll just a sticker of milk instead. Fun!
3. For bookmarking a special event or important stuff.
4. Masking stickers for decorating.
5. I usually keep one washi tape in bag because they're just so easy to use! And sometimes for decorating my journal.
6. Hello Kitty sticky notes. I actually bought this set in 2006 (woah). Yeah, you see how I almost never use them. They're too precious ;)


I have exact three stacks of notebooks, used or unused. But I thought I'd just show you guys my current ones.

1. Plain pages inside and this is a really thick one. I use it as a drawing book. Doodling, sketching, painting or designing... all inside!
2. My journal. I love blocks!
3. A typical lined notebook but with a lovely cover. I jot down my random thoughts, ideas and anything comes to mind in it.
4. Planner. My dad's friend's company designed and made this for their workers. They give my dad one which had his name printed in the corner. Since my dad is a so-not-organized person, he gave it to me. I used the masking sticker to cover his name. Inside is the monthly planner for 2013.

So what do you think? My "three" favorite stationary items :]


Thank you, Gina, for being brave enough to share you story with us :) Would you like to be featured one week? If so, email me :) paperlovestory @ outlook.com

Remember, there are worse addictions to have ;)


  1. I almost forgot about this haha.
    Thank YOU, Angela, for hosting this :)

    1. Haha, no, thank YOU for sending these in. I am so in love with your second picture :-) x

  2. OMG where did you get that lego-esque journal? I want one now!