15 Feb 2013

my updated binder collection

Can you believe that a year ago, I had about eleven Filofax binders? And now, I only have one that I want to keep (obviously, the Slimline Deco), a beautiful Smythson binder and a bright Kate Spade agenda.

What caused this change? Well, I realised that a lot of the things I had previously used binders for can now be done in cheaper notebooks, with superior paper (such as expenses tracking). This is my Expenses notebook at the moment - there are three sections, one for my debit card, one for my credit card and one for the cash I have on hand (i.e. in my purse, which, at the moment, is only one lonely pound coin).

This notebook was actually inspired by one of my friends' (you know who you are!) and so here it is:

My passwords were also transferred to another notebook:

And the other stuff in my 'Me binder'? Well, they actually ended up fitting into my Smythson binder. How I love bigger rings at the moment (and they say that size doesn't matter - who were they kidding?!).

So, what is my Slimline Deco doing right now? Apart from sitting pretty on my bookshelf, it also holds some blog planning inserts, and some other inserts that don't need to be carted around on a daily basis; such as address inserts and stuff.

Honestly, I think I will be content with these two. The smaller rings on my Slimline allow me to transfer the diary inserts I need, for when I have to be away from home for a bit and my Smythson also allows me to fit what I need with me everyday. I don't have a need for another 'storage' binder, like I did in the past.

That is why I think I can now say, with conviction and hopefully for the last time, that I really have found my 'one true binder' in the Smythson for when I want more space, and the Deco for when I need more portability.


  1. I know you're happy with your slimmed down collection, but Paperchase have SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PLANNERS. I wish I was rich! D:

    1. I had a look at them yesterday but none of them really caught my eye? I felt they didn't have that something that would make me want to buy one... Maybe I'm just too content with what I have hehe x

  2. Oh, Angela, how I envy your Amethyst Slimline Deco. I've only seen the Ruby one's for sale in the US.

    1. Hehe it is beautiful. I don't think I could ever sell it as I just love it so much. Whether or not I use it enough to justify keeping it is another thing, but not something I will concern myself with considering how rare they are :) x