12 Feb 2013

my week round-up #6

This week, there are some weeks from the previous week (so many 'week's in that sentence) due to a house move, as explained in the previous round-up. However, this just means, more diary porn!

Previous week's...

{1} Andrea Mocko - love her handwriting in this one!
{2} Sunset Over Ocean
{3} DIY Sara
{4} Cider With Sophie
{5} Friday, I'm in Love
{6} Katie Louise Halsall
{7} Imogen Rose Beauty
{8} Monica Luis Blog

This week's...

{9} Well Planned Life
{10} Planning With Printed Portal
{11} Belle Du Brighton
{12} Miss Mai's Adventures
{13} Andrea Mocko
{14} Katie Louise Halsall
{15} Lady Elizabeth's Unreal Life
{16} Skye Pennant
{17} The Wonderful Life of Alice
{18} The Journal Keeper
{19} Red Lips n Pearls
{20} Rain by XOXO
{21} The eBook Reader
{22} Deligted
{23} Filofaximile
{24} DIY Sara
{25} Behind My Purpley Life
{26} Sunset Over Ocean
{27} Friday, I'm in Love
{28} Imy's World
{29} Absharinaaa
{30} Puddytat Purr

And this week's favourite?

Credit: Carla at Friday, I'm in Love

Gotta love the splitting of each day into halves, and also the artistry of Sunday and the Notes section! However, a special mention must also go to Well Planned Life for the line 'One must stay with the seasons and holidays when it comes to Post-its.'


  1. Aww thank you Angela. Such a wonderful compliment. I'm usually the one loving everyone else's handwriting. I totally agree with this week's fav as well. Her weeks are just so adorable.

  2. Why, thank you. Thank you very much. :)

  3. I love this weeks winner too! I found myself staring at the football goal post drawing (I'm a football fan myself). And thanks for the special mention -- I love post-it's and have a huge collection. The only way I'll get to use them all is to rotate them, and the seasonal changes help me do just that.