6 Oct 2013

my week #77

This week flew by and I really don't know where the time went. Monday and Tuesday evenings were very unproductive (due to netball and having a full day on Tuesday means I give myself the evening off) so Wednesday afternoon/evening, Thursday evening and Saturday were study-filled days. Today is another designated study day but I have to factor in some time for grocery shopping so it's just a light study day.

This week, I decided not to use a separate sheet for to-dos and I found that I had enough space for everything. Maybe I can make WO2P work for me next year too? However, it's only early days. They say the first year of this course is the worst but at the moment, I seem to be coping ok...

How has your week been?


  1. This is my week: http://filofaxismyworld.blogspot.it/2013/10/week-40-gufetti-nel-mio-planner.html

  2. Angela, how are finding writing your timetable into your pages is working for you? Does it change often or is it generally the same throughout the weeks?

    I love having a visual of where my time has gone (or going when forward planning) I just don't seem to have enough room on my pages to fit, what is due, time schedule and any to dos.

  3. WOW!! You went to a foam party.... I have always wanted to go to one!!!! They look so much fun!

    And oh wow you had a ball as well!!! was it like a suits and tie ball or more of a casual one??

    Your diary looks as beautiful as ever!!!

    Miss talking :)

    YAY ! xxxx

    P,s, living vicariously through you with when you tell me about the foam party lol :p

  4. Ive loved decorating my pages this week, we had a busyish few days but thankfully it was a good week...


    Aqeela xx