4 Oct 2013

custom notepaper inserts

Today, I am sharing more custom inserts I have made. These are for personal-sized organisers (paper size of 95mm width by 171mm height) and are designed to be printed directly onto personal-sized paper. 

They are ruled notepaper and here is how they look once printed (I printed them onto cream coloured paper):

I'm offering these inserts for you to download at your leisure. Please do not re-distribute them. These inserts take time to design, scan, optimize and upload so I'd be very grateful for a donation if you have found any of my custom inserts useful :)

To download the bordered one, click here.
To download the one without a border, click here.


  1. Ooh, I like these! Will have to bookmark :3

  2. Nice. Thanks for creating and sharing these. :)

  3. You keep making such cute Filofax inserts! I almost want to switch back to my Filofax.. almost. Hehe