27 Oct 2013

my { birthday } week #80

So... this was the week where I started off being 22 years old and ended it being 23 years old. Not quite sure how I feel about this but I guess this means I need to be a bit more mature and wiser! I did this in fitting style by having a caterpillar cake for my birthday and my excuse for this was because 1) I'm the youngest one out of my university friends and 2) I can have a more 'mature' cake next year! 

Anyway, overall, my week was pretty good. I caught up on a load of notes that needed writing up and revised some anatomy I'm a bit hazy on. And one more thing I did catch up on was sleep - thanks to the clocks going back an hour in the early hours of Sunday. Remind me to try and avoid working the night shift on the night when British Summer Time ends ;)

How was your week?


  1. I am so in love with your blog!! You inspire me to get my head into gear and organise my life!! A filofax will have to be on my birthday list!!!xx


  2. Happy Birthday!!! There is nothing wrong with caterpillar cake - that is one thing I really miss since moving here :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Angela!

  4. Happy birthday, Angela! ��

  5. You are never too old for a caterpillar cake!! Happy Birthday! :) xx

  6. Happy birthday! I agree you're never too old for a caterpillar cake (or in fact anything with animals on!). Hope you enjoyed your week.

    I just wanted to let you know I finally added the 'my week' button to my sidebar and uploaded a picture of my filofax week. It's much more plain and boring than yours, but it's a work in progress! I'm still adapting to my new routine now I've finished uni, and how to best make my dodo pad work for me. I'm hoping committing to showing my filofax regularly might motivate me to keep refining it, rather than sticking to my current somewhat bare layout.

    Have a great week!