2 Oct 2013

september review

From this month onwards, I will be showing you the stationery items I used the most for the purpose of study.

Washi tape, Muji pens, Pentel Energel, Oxford Office Book, Post-it notes and a Daycraft notebook.

I will probably do another post sometime later this term of what my notes look like. I've received numerous compliments about them since starting university (from classmates) so I'm hoping they will interest you guys too :)
Other essentials this month were...

Carrot sticks and hummus (the best studying snack ever)
My Oyster Travelcard (without it, I would be paying a fortune to commute to uni and back)


  1. I live off carrot sticks & hummus when it comes to studying. Have you tried fruit with peanut butter? It said to be good brain food.

  2. YAY for carrot sticks and hummus! as long as the hummus isn't too runny, you basically can't go wrong with that as a snack. i absolutely adore muji pens and ended up doing a haul when i was in new york (a hundred dollars worth of pens) because i can't get them here in montreal.

    hope uni's going well! all the best!

  3. it would be lovely if you could do a post on how you organise your notes for med. i'm still in the conundrum whether i should organise it via systems (as it is a "helical" learning system) or via PBL cases.should i type notes or write note? and what happens when you learn something new and you need to add it your notes? i learn better when i write but i'm always worried that i can't add extra notes. please help me! and thank you for sharing all your advice :) i always look forward to your posts.

    1. I will be doing a post on my lecture notes soon hopefully :-) I've just been so busy with study and socialising at the moment that I've not had much time to take the pictures for the post! Sit tight though - it is in the pipeline :) xx

  4. I´m very curious about your med notes and looking forward to seeing it :)

  5. Wow thank you for opening up my eyes to a whole host of stationary related blogs :D I love being organised, or well the idea of it, and your diary is so cute ! :)

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