15 Mar 2015

my week #152

Yesterday, I decided to join Tumblr. Let me explain why: on Instagram, I post a lot of study-related pictures and I wanted a place to carry on posting them where I could do a longer blurb than I currently do on IG. However, I'll still keep the text-heavy posts for this blog here so it's sort of an extension to this blog; but a more student-oriented one. You can find it here. Let me know if you Tumblr too - I'm especially interested in ones do with organisation and studying (and possibly home decor too!) :)

This week, I spent the majority of it flat-sitting at my sister's. Whilst I was there, I hosted Chinese hotpot (or steamboat) on Saturday where I invited a few uni friends for food and games. It was a great night but now, I'm super tired due to a lack of sleep (my study and work won't do itself!).

How has your week been?


  1. hi, I followed you :) I'm 'hobbette' on Tumblr and my page is pretty much all organisers/filofax and home decor lol


  2. I love your organisation! It's inspired me to get sorted! My favourite thing on your week - HOTPOT! My fave :)