10 Mar 2015

what's in my purse #1

Having done a number of 'what's in my bag' posts, I thought it was time to do a 'what's in my purse' post too. I think it could also be called a 'what's in my wallet' post if you're American :) (correct me if I'm wrong though!).

My purse is a Luella one I saved up for when I was sixteen and I have used it ever since. The leather has softened and aged well over the years and I've not tired of the design enough to be tempted to buy a replacement! When you open it up, the cards and bank notes are on the left with a coin compartment on the right.

I don't tend to carry much cash on me at any one time. At the most, I'll have £10 so that I can buy lunch if I forgot to make it the night before. The cards I have are: a Boots loyalty card, an NUS card so I can get a discount on Amazon, a bingo membership card (we went for my 24th birthday as a bit of a joke but it was actually quite entertaining!), a John Lewis membership card, an IKEA Family card, my NHS card, a Bodean's Q card, a Superdrug loyalty card, my debit card, a voucher for a free Innocent Smoothie and my driving licence which also acts as my photo ID (notice it looks like they photoshopped out my nose... Bizarre!). It appears that most of my cards are for loyalty schemes - a representation of the consumerist world we live in at the moment?

Though I have no physical bank notes in my purse at this moment in time, I do have some vouchers that I get through participation in surveys.

The contents on the right hand side of my purse were quite random.

From top left, clockwise: a Collect+ receipt, a Tempadot (a device put under your tongue so that your temperature can be taken), a Nando's receipt, paracetamol, hairpins, hair bobbles, a charm my mum gave me, £3.80 in coins and a bingo voucher.
Writing this post has made me realise that I carry around far too many cards and more rubbish than necessary in my purse. Some of the loyalty cards don't need a permanent place and the two receipts need to be binned - why, in particular, the Nando's one was kept at all is a mystery.

With my purse being leather, it is quite heavy even without its contents in it so by adding in extra, unnecessary bulk, I'm just adding to the weight I carry around on a daily basis.

What do you carry around in your purse? Have you done a 'what's in your purse post'? If so, leave your link so I can have a nosey :)


  1. Yes, that's a wallet in America. I switched to a smaller wallet that has a pocket for my phone. I'm enjoying having an "all-in-one" since it also has a wrist strap. Somedays when I leave the house, I don't like having to bring my purse. Having a small wallet with a spot for my keys and my phone is enough! It's saved me some shoulder/back pain recently.

    1. So glad I got that write hehe :)

      That sounds ideal - I've not found one that I like though :( x

  2. Yup, second the wallet statement!
    I am quite proud of the fact that I normally don't keep too much in my wallet. I just recently got a new one that can actually fit my phone, and I am so excited about it, ha! I think it's quite brilliant though to have a few hair elastics, though! Most of the time if my hair is down I try and think "will I want to put my hair up?" and then take one on my wrist, but always having one in my wallet is a way better idea!

    1. Alternatively, if you wear a lanyard at work, you could tie a few around the lanyard :) x