5 Jul 2015

my week #168

With only two weeks until my project's deadline, I'm trying to focus on my final submission now. All the necessary data has been collected and analysed so now, the aim is to present it all in a meaningful and simple way. I've actually enjoyed this whole process and though it took a bit longer than I had originally anticipated, seeing the results has made it all worth it.

On Friday night, there was an insane storm going on in my local area from about 11pm onwards and I found myself mesmerised and unable to tear my eyes away. The flashes of lightning were almost constant and the deafening rumbling of thunder was enough to remind us all of who's really boss (definitely not a human being!). Anyone else fascinated by storms?! 

How has your week been?


  1. i walked home from the pub in that storm, or the hour of lightning that seemed to come before any rain or thunder, got tucked up in bed JUST as the rain started, good timing or what?! i love thunder, but i think if it had done anything to clear the air i would have liked it more!

    1. Haha great timing! The smell after a storm is just amazing too :) At least the weather's cooled down slightly now :) x