12 Jul 2015

my week #169

With less than a week to go until my project's deadline (eek!), I've been working hard on the final few bits. The project turned out to be a fair bit bigger than originally anticipated but the results are super interesting and this has made all the hard work that bit more satisfying. My diary has been quite boring for the last two months due to exams and this project but hopefully when uni starts again (in three weeks!), it'll look a bit more used.

Also, I managed to figure out how to fix the pictures on my blog so they are less blurry (yay!) so here's hoping this fix will work from now on.

How has your week been?


  1. Angela! What planner are you currently using? I am planning to change my planner and I would like to know where you purchased yours! Thanks!

    1. Hi Aina, this is The Planner by Seeso Graphics but it's sold out now. Keep an eye out for the 2016 version! :) x