29 Jul 2015

year two, term three essentials

EDIT: I just realised I've written two of these! (One earlier this month). I guess this post is more of my exam essentials and the other one was more of a project essentials. How weird!

Technically, there wasn't a term three in my second year but for the sake of my sanity, I pretended there was one anyway (with the Easter four day weekend being the separating point of term two and three). Term three was pretty much exam time and project time so my essentials are quite study and comfort oriented.

Exercise Books

Earlier this month, I talked about how I use my notebooks and one of the things I used them for this term included practice papers and writing rough notes in a quick and cursive scrawl. The ones shown above are from Artbox (the three from the left) and Semikolon (just the one on the right). Exercise books are cheap and cheerful and the lack of pages in them make them easy to carry around in my bag to university.


From top to bottom: Pilot Coleto, Pilot Kakuno in Fine, Zebra Mildliner, Kaweco Skyline Sport, Lamy Safari.
I used fountain pens a lot during revision because to me, they are more of a luxury pen than a gel pen or a biro. Also, look how cheerful the colours of their barrels are?! They were exactly what I needed during a tough and intense revision period. The Kaweco Skyline Sport is a new addition after a friend recommended it to me in March and I gushed about it earlier this month.

Now that there are three fountain pens in my stationery arsenal, I kind of want to try others but I just don't see a use for more expensive versions of them. Especially as I've lost a few pens already when running around on placement - but luckily only cheap biros (though I did also lose a Muji gel but they're not that expensive to replace). 

Comfort Clothes

I spent a lot of this term in sweatpants or sweatshorts and I have no regrets. Studying calls for slubby tanks and comfy loungewear because of how often I shift positions. Cross-legged, sitting on my legs, sitting with my feet up - I can't sit still for too long without moving.

For the rest of summer, I'm predicting my essentials will be:

- my Rayban Wayfarers
- a pair of comfortable flats for walking around in
- floaty summer skirts
- seeing friends I've not seen much throughout the year.

Let's hope the weather holds up this summer :)


  1. What a lovely fountain pen collection!
    I have been looking at purchasing an {inexpensive} fountain pen recently, and I was just wondering, which one do you prefer?

    Imogen xx

    1. Thanks Imogen! Both have their pros and cons - in terms of writing, I prefer the Pilot Kakuno but the Lamy gets more daily use due to it's clip which is handy while on placement! x

  2. Wowzers! I came to this blog in May, then I Come back and it's like, "is this the right blog?" It looks very nice, mind you. Very sophisticated. However, the old blog layout and design had a look that said, "fun and cute!" This blog layout has a look that says, "sophisticated and mature!" I do like this layout, but the old one made me smile just by typing in the url :) However, this blog does make me want to actually read your post, not just scroll through all the adorable pictures!

    1. Haha thanks Carina! I'm trying to be a bit more grown up and sophisticated. The playfulness comes from how I've edited the photos but I might end up changing the header again anyway! I like the layout and design at the moment but my only sticking point is the header x