6 Mar 2016

my week #203

This was my first week on general surgery and I really enjoyed it. The doctors I met were all really willing to teach and as a result, I learnt a lot. One consultant even explained why he kept asking me questions which I've never had before - I expect to be grilled and all the better for my learning if I get asked questions I don't know the answer to! This was largely a upper and lower GI week and next week, I'm on orthopaedics which will hopefully be just as fun.

One thing I can definitely say is that the 8am starts are killing and weeks like this often make me question how I'll survive once I start work. Balancing studying with 8am - 5/6pm placements has been really difficult and I'm resigned to the fact that I perhaps won't be as productive as I would like to be. Also, I guess that a lot of the learning will come from being on the job!

How has your week been?

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