29 Mar 2016

in search of the perfect blue-black ink #5: lamy blue-black cartridges

In this post, we venture back into cartridge-land with Lamy blue-black cartridges. These were a bit of a disappointment to say the least (I can find no reason to explain why it looks so washed out with extended use!).

Previously: Platinum blue-black cartridgesPelikan Edelstein TanzaniteDiamine Twilight and Diamine Blue Black.

And how it looks within my notes (along with a festive scribble during a tutorial in December):


  1. Aww. I'm sorry you've found it disappointing.
    I've heard about some of the older bottles of Lamy Blue-Black being iron-gall so perhaps that would explain why it didn't seem washed out to me.

  2. I really like the Pilot blue-black cartridges! But I'm also partial to Pilot pens. I bought a couple of Kakunos when I was in Japan two weeks ago, and I absolutely love the blue black cartridges! I haven't tried the blue black Lamy cartridges, but I feel like the black cartridges get a little washed out too.