17 Mar 2016

throwback thursday: to a time when my handwriting wasn't cursive

Two and a half years ago, I started medical school and back then, my naivety believed that I'd have time to keep all my notes super neat. If you look at my Instagram now, all my notes are written in cursive and with joined up handwriting but back then, everything was printed. Today, this is a 'Throwback Thursday' back to that time.

Back in first year, I even had time to use washi tape for headings - a rare feature now. This notebook was the very first one I filled at medical school and though the handwriting isn't my neatest, it is an example of how I initially envisaged all my notebooks would look like.

Some things that haven't changed are the fact that I wrote purely in note form with clearly demarcated headings.

How times change, eh? A bit of a different Throwback Thursday but I thought it would be nice to reflect on how my notes looked when I was a bit less realistic and a bit more of a dreamer. 


  1. So neat! I mix block capitals and cursive in my notes but it never looks so nice!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. I bet you're underselling yourself! Looking back, I think this all looks really messy and it does make me cringe a fair bit. Guess we're all our own worst critics :) x