7 Apr 2016

year three: term two essentials

Third year is going by too quickly - I can't believe I'm 2/3 of the way through my penultimate year and before long, exams pending, I'll be 3/4 of the way through medical school. I definitely feel like I'm doing something I love with medicine and I don't regret choosing this journey. It's not been an easy one, that's for sure, and (without going into too much detail) balancing everything has made me grow up a lot and also made me a better student for sure.

Anyway, enough sentimental talk! Onto this term's essentials. I've mainly been on surgery (with the exception of a few weeks' where I was finishing paediatrics, had a week of palliative care and also a week of lectures).

From right to left: Hobonichi Techo, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery, Diamine blue-black ink, Pilot Vanishing Point in Raden, Lamy Safari in Coral.
I've barely had time to study this term but fortunately, I'd done most of the hard work prior to this so all my revision notes are in place. My Hobonichi has been priceless in organising my daily and weekly timetables (really important for surgery as we have to keep a log book that gets handed into the admin people at university) and I love how well the Tomoe River paper takes fountain pen.

The Oxford Handbook has been super helpful when in clinic and when I urgently need to look something up! In terms of stationery, I've gone through a fair bit of Diamine Blue-Black ink this term too (I think it might be my favourite ink out of all the ones I've tried). My Lamy Safari and Pilot VP have seen the most use out of all my pens this term too.

I've managed to keep up journaling at least once a week so far this year. This journal my sister got me for Christmas has been great - the paper takes fountain pen extremely well and the prettiness of it makes journaling a pleasure. My go-to pen for writing in it is my TWSBI 580AL.

Finally, I definitely don't drink enough whilst on placement and these Bkr bottles are helping me improve on this. Each of them hold 500ml - one comes with me everywhere I go (clinic, ward round, etc) and the other one goes in my main bag. I know I said I would review these bottles and I promise I will soon!

That's pretty much it for my second term - it's just flown by and knowing that I'll be a doctor next year is a scary but exciting thought!

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