5 Apr 2016

in search of the perfect blue-black ink #6: diamine blue-black

Here, I venture further into the bottled ink world (I am still pretty new to all this!) in the form of Diamine Blue-Black. This was actually my first bottle of any shade of blue-black ink and so I've had the chance to try it out in a number of fountain pens: Platinum 3776 Century Nice, Pilot Kakuno, Pilot Vanishing Point and Pelikan M400. The great thing is that it looks good in all of these pens and I can't imagine it looking bad in any pen at all. So much so that I think we may already have a winner. However, I still have a few others to try yet so let's not jump to conclusions...

Previously tried blue-black inks: Platinum blue-black cartridgesPelikan Edelstein Tanzanite,  Diamine TwilightLamy Blue Black cartridges and Diamine Denim.

How it looks in my notes (written with a Pelikan M400 in EF):

Diamine might just be my favourite ink brand... (And no, I've not been paid to say this!)

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  1. I have a pack of Pilot blue black cartridges sitting here waiting to go into my vanishing point, but that seems like the best Diamine one by far. Thanks for sharing!