19 Jan 2017

what's in my bag #19: out and about

Last year, I acquired a Modalu Erin bag in the mini size in an effort to decrease how much I carry around with me on a daily basis. It is a beautiful stone colour and there are so many compartments to it. The one negative is that there's actually a lot of space in this small bag so I inevitably end up carrying around more than I would've originally wanted!

Top L, clockwise: ID card, contact lens solution and case, a snack!, eye drops, an eye palette (and brush usually), glasses, purse, phone charger, pocket tissues and a tote bag (a must when using a smaller bag than usual!).
My essentials are basically cash, glasses and contact lens stuff, my ID, a tote bag and a phone charger. This bag is one that comes with me when I'm out during the weekend because it's a little too small for daily use (unfortunately) but is ideal for those shopping trips with its cross body strap, freeing my arms completely!

The leather is of a decent quality and is quite stiff but I'm certain that with time, it will soften beautifully. The outer pockets are perfect for those items you reach for regularly; things such as tissues or your travelcard. However, I like to keep my travelcard, lip balm and keys in my coat pockets (my coat has nine (!) pockets).

Do any of you use a different bag for those weekend shopping trips? :)

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