28 Mar 2017

instax fun with my fujifilm instax mini 90

Over the Christmas period, my sister brought her Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 home and having had a play on it, I was hooked. I justified this purchase because my social life actually existed in 2016 and I wanted to be able to snap memories in 2017 but in a more permanent form. Taking pictures on my phone is all well and good but nothing can beat the endorphin-releasing sound of an Instax camera click. And then when the film pops out of its slot? Well, that's yet another rush of endorphins right there.

I opted for the Instax 90 because I had a voucher which made it really affordable and I'm glad I did. The extra features add a whole lot of fun and although Instax photos will never be amazing in quality, being able to shoot in different modes can at least allow the photo to come out as perfect as possible. However, there's something to be said about film cameras. You only get one shot (literally) and if you're a perfectionist, this may not be the toy for you! Part of the fun is messing up a shot and then laughing about it with someone else.

It's been a bit of a learning cure - my first two packs of film are pretty much full of blurs and just problems with exposure! But over time, playing with each of the settings has enabled me to become a little better at snapping Instax photos. However, I quite like the washed out colours so even if a snap doesn't come out perfect, I'm ok with that.

The best thing about this camera is the novelty - the result is instantaneous and the anticipation of what the shot turned out like is often a fun one. The film can be expensive if you burn through them too quickly but at the moment, I'm using a pack and a half a month, snapping memories. The only question now is - how should I store them? I give about a third of the snaps away which still leaves me with two thirds!

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