16 Mar 2017

a journal update - fifteen months with my Anthropologie journal

For Christmas 2015, my sister bought me this beautiful journal from Anthropologie. Fifteen months later, it's still going strong and I'm pleased to say that it is used at least once a week! The majority of pages are textual littered with the occasional ticket or momento that reminds me of something happy.

Each entry starts with the date and then a document of what outfits I wore (so totally fickle, I know, but at the same time, this has proved useful when deciding what to list on eBay!). I then just let the pen flow. I don't question it and just dump everything that's on my mind onto the page. Though this often means the journal is filled with the weirdest ramblings, it has helped with feeling a lot more restful, particularly during stressful times.

I'm now halfway through the journal and at this rate, it might be finished by the of this year or mid-way through 2018. My weekly journaling habit is something I want to keep up (and I'm determined to do so) and once I get towards the last ten to fifteen pages, I'll start looking for a new one. Or decide on which blank notebook on my bookshelf is next in line as my journal.

All I can say is: this journal is one that I absolutely love and I'm sure the beautiful design makes remembering to journal weekly just that bit easier. The pages take fountain pen extremely well and in fact, that's the only type of pen that gets to write in it; and the blank pages mean that I can doodle, stick in things or just write and write if that's what I want. Sometimes, I like to note down a quote - the one from Edgar Allan Poe (seen below) is a famous one but seemed appropriate when I wrote it sometime last year.

If there's not much on my mind, I'll write for a page or two and then leave it but sometimes, four or five pages may be used. For example, after my Edinburgh weekend trip, I wrote two pages and stuck in about three or four pages of tickets, photos and other random bits and bobs. By keeping things flexible and not saying that I need to write a certain amount each time, it's made journaling a lot more fun and relaxing. And that's why I'll carry on doing it for the foreseeable future :)

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