8 Jun 2017

tony moly i'm real sheet masks part II

Welcome to the second half of my Tony Moly I'm Real sheet mask reviews blog post :) You can see part I here. In this half, these are the masks that are reviewed:

- Nutrition: I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet
- Elasticity: I'm Real Pomegranate Mask Sheet
- Radiance: I'm Real Tomato Mask Sheet
- Skin Soothing: I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet
- Moisturising: I'm Real Aloe Mask Sheet

Followed by a brief overview of all of the masks. Enjoy!

Nutrition: I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet - 10/10

This mask was left on for an hour and it was pretty much completely dry by this time. It smells super fresh and the result it left was pretty good too! My skin looked a lot brighter, there was a decrease in redness and it felt moisturising without being oily. Any scars after blemishes appeared faded too!

The claim that it makes dull skin look radiant and glowing is definitely true in this case. This was my favourite mask of the lot and one I wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase once I've finished my stash of sheet masks. I can see myself using this mask before an important event or a night out where I want to look my best.

Elasticity: I'm Real Pomegranate Mask Sheet - 7/10

In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure how one single sheet mask is meant to help with elasticity...! Either way, the things this mask did do were brighten up my complexion (my skin was glowing for the next 24-48 hours), dampen down redness and add some much needed moisture due to the weird winter weather at the time. Though not touted as a brightening mask, it was the one that made my skin glow the most!

Radiance: I'm Real Tomato Mask Sheet - 7/10

In the past, the word 'radiant' would not have been one used to describe my skin but lately, it has looked a lot more glow-y than ever before. On a duller day, I decided to try this sheet mask and it's 'radiant' effects were a little... Underwhelming. The smell was pleasant and the mask didn't irritate my skin, leaving it dewy and soft. It definitely felt moisturising but at the expense of it leaving behind a sticky residue, more so than the other masks in this range.

Skin Soothing: I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet - 9/10

Just before one of my exams, I had a particularly bad breakout because I went through a week of eating poorly, sleeping badly and just neglecting my skincare routine. To try and rescue my skin, I whacked this mask on and it actually worked pretty well!

It had a slight tea tree fragrance and there was no stinging during the forty minutes I left this on for. There was a decrease in redness, my skin felt a lot softer and my existing blemishes all looked much less obvious. It was also one of the least sticky masks in the range. Comparing this one to one of my other favourites (the rice mask sheet from part I), it wasn't as good, hence the score being just shy of a perfect 10.

Moisturising: I'm Real Aloe Mask Sheet - 5/10

This one was used during the month of January when the weather was all over the place (super cold one week and then much milder the next) and it definitely lived up to its moisturising name without leaving a film of grease. However, with aloe mentioned as the main theme to it, I was hoping it would help with a breakout I had at the time. This, it did not. It didn't even decrease any of the redness from blemishes! Not impressed with this one at all.


Some things these masks all have in common are that they all fit poorly on my face. I think I have a larger than average sized face and even that, there is a little bit of misalignment where my mouth is. The sheet doesn't quite cover the sides of my cheeks though it does a bit too much of my jawline (to the point where I can fold it down and have it on the top part of my neck!). Maybe I just have a wider face than the target market!

The smell of all of these masks are pleasant enough and the only ones where I felt had a smell that matched their description were the Tea Tree one and the lemon one. The effects of the masks never seem to last longer than a day or two but that's true of most sheet masks so this isn't a negative specific to these masks; just something to be aware of! It also means that sheet masks are perfect as part of a pre-event pamper.

What I found was that most of these masks decreased redness but my reasoning for this is the cooling effect of the liquid on my skin. I don't think it is something unique to these masks so just something to bear in mind.

Although the instructions say to keep them on for 20-40 minutes, I usually kept them on for longer. Some people say this shouldn't be done as when the mask dries, it ends up taking moisture from your skin but I've yet to have that issue. However, this might not be the case with all skin types and skincare is so awfully objective that if you have any worries about sensitivity or leaching of moisture, it might be worth following the instructions for the first few times at least.

Finally, I think the illustrations on the packaging of these masks are just adorable and I love the fruit and vegetable theme to most of them. These masks weren't that expensive - for the set of eleven, I think I paid around £12 on Amazon.co.uk (including postage and packing) so they are pretty affordable if you are new to the concept of sheet masking!

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