18 Jun 2015

what's in my pencil case

During the post-Christmas sales, I came across this adorable make-up bag by Paul and Joe. It came as part of a set where there was a small tub of hand cream and a sachet of cleanser inside but I had no intention of putting any beauty products in it. Instead, I'd purchased it for the sole purpose of using it as a pencil case and that's exactly what I've done with it.

I love the satin feel of the exterior, the nude colour of the interior and the adorable gold-coloured zip. The size is generous too - it can hold a lot of pens (I think I had about twenty five pens in there at one stage and it zipped up with ease) and is more than big enough for my needs.

From top left, clockwise: my iPhone charger, a Muji gel 0.5mm in blue, Pilot Coleto, Lamy Safari, Pilot Kakuno, Zebra mechanical pencil, three Zebra Mildliner pens and three Pilot Juice gel pens.
I try and carry my phone charger everywhere as you never know when your battery might drop and this was especially true for the ageing iPhone 5 I was using up until a few months ago!

I carry a blue gel pen that is used in lectures (I like gel pens in lectures as they can be left uncapped for an hour and it won't dry up; plus, they start writing immediately unlike some other pens), fountain pens for note taking outside of lectures (I usually only carry one but these two are my current favourites) and also a variety of coloured gel pens as I do like to write some phrases and words in a different colour. Finally, a variety of Zebra Mildliners also make an appearance because they highlight words without being too fluorescent and harsh on the eyes.

Keeping the number of pens I cart around with me everyday mean that my bag won't be as heavy and also, I've found that the more pens I carry around, the harder it is to make a choice as to which one to use (the phrase 'spoilt for choice' comes to mind!).


  1. I appreciate people who have pen addictions, like I do.

    Cheers to pens!


    1. I'm so glad I found this blog, oh wow. My whole life I've loved taking notes and finding great pens and notebooks. I use the same pens! They're so great for notes because they are fine tipped which allows for smaller handwriting (blue gel pen brand.) They're also great cause you can use all the ink in the pen, unlike most pens.

  2. That is acute idea for a pencil case. And I really need to buy some of those Zebra Midliners soon.

    1. Hehe I don't think I've bought a proper pencil case for many years now - I prefer to use make-up bags as they're just cuter x