3 Jan 2018

hello! a re-introduction

A new year and after a brief unexpected hiatus, the intention is to start blogging again regularly. I do feel like I lost my way with blogging over the last year so I've taken that time out to re-focus on what this blog is really about. Paper Lovestory started out as a blog about stationery and then a blog about being a university student whilst at medical school but then things went a bit downhill. Now, we're returning to the roots and we're back to stationery, pens and all things relating to paper, though there may be sprinklings of other lifestyle posts too.

Anyway, to re-introduce myself with this new start!

Hello! I am Angela, a twenty-something girl who lives in London but grew up in the country. Two degrees later, I now work as a junior doctor within the National Health Service (NHS).

Fountain pens and ink are a huge love of mine - I definitely own too many pens and bottles of ink (then again, is there such a thing...?). Another love are notebooks and all things relating to paper. It may be because of my Hong Kong heritage that has fuelled this as stationery shops over there are very different to shops here in the UK. They are usually small, family-run stores, crammed to the rafters with stationery with aisles narrower than a plank of wood.

This is essentially what this blog is about. A twenty-something girl working as a doctor who has a huge amount of love for stationery. If this sounds like something you can get onboard with then I welcome you on this journey with me :)