17 Jan 2018

new pen! jin hao x750 shimmering sands in a medium nib

After I started my job as a junior doctor in August last year, other doctors would comment on how I always used a fountain pen (usually my trusty Lamy Safari Coral Pink in extra fine, inked up with either Diamine Blue-Black or Lamy Black or Diamine Denim). Comments included: 'I knew you were on-call because I recognised your fountain pen and handwriting in the notes' and 'You're not using your usual colour of ink!'. (The second one was after I briefly ran out of Diamine Blue-Black.)

These comments triggered me on a quest to find a cheaper pen which I could potentially use at work. Especially because I once had to lend my TWSBI Eco (review of that coming later) and cringed when I watched them use it.

This is where this Jin Hao X750 comes in. I saw it for just over a fiver on eBay from a UK seller (because I'm impatient and did not want to wait for it to ship from China for the sake of a pound or two) and the shimmering sands design is just gorgeous.

When the pen arrived, it came in the barest of packaging: just a plastic bag inside a padded envelope but that's ok - I wasn't expecting much for a pen of this price. The pen also weighs a lot more than expected. The expectation was cheap, flimsy plastic but instead, I received a bulky pen of a decent weight and build.

The nib is a medium and it writes quite a thick line. I'm a lover of fine and extra fine nibs so this was something a bit different. It won't be the pen that I carry around with me every day but it has made itself useful. Having purchased Diamine Blue Pearl and struggled to find a pen that it works well in, this Jin Hao X750 has come to the rescue. More on that in another blog post!

The pen comes with a converter which I've been refilling with a needle and syringe. Below is a scanned copy of the page seen in the first photo. The paper isn't the best so I make apologies for that!

Though I rated the nib 3/5, this was before I realised it worked super well with Diamine Blue Pearl. I guess the rating depends on the ink chosen!

All in all, I'm very impressed with this pen. It is of a decent quality for the price and it will serve me well for when I want to use shimmer inks.

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  1. How do you keep from smudging when you use a fountain pen for work? I find for work, that I have to write quickly and I don't have time to wait for the ink to dry.