8 Mar 2018

introducing the sorrento large leather journal in pink and why I now journal daily

It's been a bit of a stressful time lately in most parts of my life. As a result, I've taken to journaling almost every day (sometimes more than once a day!) in an attempt to offload everything on my mind, no matter how ridiculous they may seem to me in months or years to come. Since doing this, I've noticed that my sleep has been better, I'm feeling a lot less stressed and that my journals are filling up at quite the rate. To try and fight stress, I also meditate and practice mindfulness once a day before bed.

To make journaling more enjoyable, I am always on the look out for pretty journals and today's offering is a beautiful one. It is the Sorrento leather journal from Pen Heaven and it has been personalised with my initials. I chose the pink colour (though it comes in many others too) and the minimalistic design looks great next to any number of my fountain pens on my bedside table.

The lovely leather cover feels luxurious every time I pick it up and I would envisage a journal like this being the perfect gift for anyone with a vague interest in stationery. And you can have the recipient's initials engraved on it too!

Possessing 128 pages, it has room for all your thoughts and secrets. The acid free paper comes in either lined or plain so you can either choose to stay within the lines in an orderly fashion or completely freestyle it for those days where you just need to rant and rant. Fountain pen performs brilliantly on this paper with little to no showthrough and only a little bit of bleeding if you use a thicker nib.

Currently, it takes pride of place on my bedside table alongside the Otto Hutt fountain pen seen above though I have a few pens which take it in turns to be my journaling tool of choice. 

To see my initial thoughts on the fountain pen shown (the Otto Hutt Design 06 Fountain Pen in pink), please click here :) A more thorough review will follow after I've used it for a while!

**NOTE: I was sent this journal with compliments from Pen Heaven. All opinions are my own and the review has been written as if the product had been purchased by myself personally.


  1. This journal looks beautiful! Is it lie-flat or easy to get to the inner spine area of the page?

    1. It doesn't lie flat and it can be a little difficult to get to the inner spine on the left side in particular but not more so than many other notebooks of a similar design :) Plus, the paper feels pretty luxurious!

  2. That's a *really* pretty journal! I'm doing Fearne Cotton's Happy journal and I'm really enjoying it :) Hope things calm down for you soon, being stressed is so rubbish.

    Zoe xoxo