6 Mar 2018

my top fountain pens in my collection (a.k.a. one of the hardest posts I have written so far)

I'm not going to lie - this was a tough post to write. Originally, I was going to only choose my five favourites but clearly that was too tough a decision. In no particular order, here are my favourite fountain pens in my collection and why.

Pilot Kakuno in Fine

This is a pen I truly adore and raved about a few years ago. I think I paid around £8 for it including shipping and it has been worth every penny. The build quality is excellent for the price, it is lightweight and extremely user friendly with it's ample grip space and snap on/off cap.

The clincher? The nib. It is fine, a true fine, which writes like an absolute dream. My handwriting is pretty small so finer nibs are my go-to and this one is truly excellent. Smooth with no feedback. It has also given me no grief on Moleskine paper and lower quality paper.

The only negative? The lack of pen clip. Otherwise, this would be my everyday carry.

TWSBI Turquoise Eco in Extra Fine

A recent-ish addition to my collection and it sky-rocketed up to being a firm favourite of mine, as you can see here. The bright turquoise colour, coupled with the large ink capacity and the super smooth extra fine nib all come together to make a pen that is near perfection for my needs. This was my second TWSBI pen and it did not disappoint. It is constantly inked and I use it for the days where I know there will be a lot of writing.

Pelikan Souveran M400 Tortoiseshell in Extra Fine

A 25th birthday present to myself and I love how sophisticated it looks. The ivory and gold accents with the green tortioseshell design are totally dreamy. The nib is a pleasure to write with and although it writes a thicker line that I would like, the whole writing experience feels very premium.

Platinum 3776 Century Nice in Fine

My first demonstrator and one that I love. The frosted look with the rose gold contrast work to give it a minimalistic, yet luxurious feel. The nib is thin and smooth - perfect for my small scrawl. This is a pen I use mainly for journaling.

Pilot Vanishing Point/Capless Decimo Champagne in Fine

This was a graduation gift to myself for finishing medical school. A formal review of this will be coming in due course but it truly is a beautiful pen. The thinner barrel, compared to the standard Vanishing Points, make for a nicer writing experience.

Lamy Safari Coral Pink (2014 Limited Edition) in Extra Fine

This was my first ever Lamy and boy, has it served me well thus far. It is lightweight, perfect for work and writes well. The nib writes a broader line than I would like but because it has accompanied me to work for all these months, I do feel quite attached to it. And the neon coral colour is playful but not too childish - perhaps a reflection of my personality ;)


  1. These are all lovely. You could have shared all your fountain pens and called it your top n fountain pens list so you wouldn't have had to choose ;) With your demonstrator, do you get bothered when the clip of the pen is visibly not aligned with the nib?

    1. Haha I could have! I've never even thought about the clip not being aligned with the nib so I guess it doesn't bother me that much :)

  2. Hello! Thank you for sharing your favorite fountain pens. I have just started on my fountain pen journey with a Pilot Kakuno in fine. My next pen will be a Lamy Safari. If I love the writing with the fine nib on the Kakuno, would you suggest a fine or extra fine nib on the Lamy?

    1. Apologies for the late reply! I would recommend an extra fine but it still won't be as fine as the Pilot Kakuno. Lamy nibs are really weird in the sense that I have a fine which writes finer than some of the extra fine nibs I also have...! My advice would be to buy in person if you can, just to ensure that you can test out the nib before purchase.