26 Jun 2019

what's in my bag #23: a new addition!

I bought this Kate Spade bag in the sale earlier this month. It's perfect - small enough to fit the essentials, not too big for me to stuff it with everything and the kitchen sink and can be worn as a grab bag or with a detachable shoulder strap. I don't actually own many black or crossbody bags so this is perfect to cover both bases.

The bag has an outside slip pocket which can fit a few slim things.

And the contents of the bag itself:

With the contents of the slip pocket in the bottom row:

Contents (top left, clockwise): water bottle, stethoscope, make up bag with basic medicines and make up, a Katie Leamon notebook, portable charger, tote bag, hand cream, pocket tissues, chewing up, lip balm, a Lamy Al-Star fountain pen, another lip balm, more chewing gum!, dried fruit and nuts, glasses (just in case as I tend to wear contact lenses!). 
I still think I carry a bit too much! Sometimes, my shoulder does ache from carrying all of this around. In those instances, I whip the tote bag out and transfer the heavier items into it and sling it onto the opposite shoulder. I've found it hard to whittle down what to carry though - I think all of these are essentials! In the summer, it's even more difficult as I sometimes cram a few of these items in my coat pockets (Barbour jackets are amazing for extra pockets) and of course, no coats are worn during the summer (but this is the UK so anything could happen!).

This has become my favourite work bag on the days I am on site where I have a locker. Otherwise, I use my Longchamp as this one is a bit too precious for me to not leave locked up. Anyone else do something similar? 

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