30 Nov 2021

midori A5 cover to cover notebook

Midori are a brand synonymous with quality stationery products. I was looking for a notebook with about 300 pages which can lay flat and be bashed around day-to-day. This one fit the bill. One of my friends used the thinner one at work earlier this year and I was impressed with how well the paper took fountain pen ink! It was then that I knew this thicker version at 365 pages would need to be added to my notebook collection. The only issue is when it'll get used given my current extensive stash! 

I also bought the plastic cover for it to try and protect it a bit more. At work, things have to be wiped clean easily (hence the plastic cover) and will undoubtedly see a lot of wear and tear.

The design is simplistic - a cream card cover and cream coloured plain paper. I prefer dotted or plain paper in my work notebooks as it allows me to draw diagrams and note my thoughts down in a haphazard manner, ready for me to organise later. As a surgical trainee, diagrams are helpful to revise anatomy and the plain paper allows me to sketch things I've learnt from operations, clinic or in other scenarios. 

The spine has a stitched design which I personally like. It's always good to see the composition of a notebook and this one actually feels quite sturdy despite its minimalistic design. 

Each corner can be torn off if you'd like. The intended use for this notebook is as a day-per-page planner which is why the corners are perforated like this and also why it has 365 pages. 

In terms of how the paper performs with various types of ink... well, below is the evidence and all I'll say is that it seems to take fountain, gel, fineliner and highlighter very well with little to no show through at all. 

Overall, Midori goods are affordable but of a decent quality, look great and extremely functional. I'm excited to crack this notebook out in the next few months' or so (at least, that's the plan!). Let's see how that pans out! Sit tight for an update if that becomes a reality. 

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