17 Nov 2021

katie leamon lay flat 300 page notebooks

Between August 2019 - August 2020, I managed to use all 300 pages of a Katie Leamon lay flat notebook. You can see my initial post about it here and how it ended up here. Later on in this post, you'll see it even more battered than before. 

Since then, I've added another three to my collection and they all complement each other nicely in design. 

Ultimately, I think they are destined to be work notebooks due to the sheer number of blank pages which lend themselves nicely to drawings, random scribbles and just anything else I fancy jotting down. 

What I particularly like is how battered they can look after a lot of use. I'm someone who likes to see a sign of wear and tear as it shows that the item has been well used. I really like how the paper is ridiculously fountain pen-friendly (always a bonus) and has barely any showthrough at all. 

Honestly, I think these notebooks are underrated. They are a little pricey at £24.95 for the Heirloom ones (the floral ones) and £21.95 for the plain ones but for the sheer number of pages and its immediate ability to lay flat from day one, they are completely worth it to me. It'll take me a while to get through these three before I need to buy anymore though...

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