19 Feb 2011

wardrobe challenge: a success!

My wardrobe challenge was a success as I did not break any of the rules I set myself (I altered the rules slightly from the actual challenge but still kept the number of pieces at a minium).

But before I talk about the wardrobe challenge, I must first apologise for a lack of blogging in the past week. I had a deadline on Friday the 18th for three (yes, three) pieces of coursework and was busy doing that as unfortunately, in the two weeks previous to that, I had been busy with applying for internships, preparing for assessment tests along with good old netball.

As proof, this was my week before it started:

And my week after it had ended:

Next, this was the past week - also a busy one!

Onto the outfits now! For those not interested in fashion or what I wore, you can stop reading now. The rest of the post is image heavy! Don't say I didn't warn you.

This was the Monday. The Dahlia playsuit and French Connection boots.

And a close up of the print and the buttons on the top half - love it!

Next, Tuesday's outfit: Whistles blazer, Sparkle and Fade top, Whistles skirt and Topshop boots.

Close up of the necklace I chose to accessorize this outfit with. The necklace is from FCUK about two seasons ago now.

And Wednesday's outfit: Topshop blouse, ASOS cardigan, Benetton skirt and Aldo shoes.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures for Thursday and Friday. Thursday because I had to change my outfit accordingly for an assessment test at some posh offices in London. I stuck to my list of items for the wardrobe challenge though! And for Friday, I took the train home from college so I didn't have time to snap an outfit as I literally crawled into bed as soon as I got home. It had been a bad week in terms of sleep!

Finally, I must apologise for my image editing skills! They leave a lot to be desired and I'm fairly rusty too, clearly! Anyway, more blogging to come as no more deadlines for another month or so!


  1. oh man. i have been really letting my filofax and my wardrobe choices go. you have inspired me to spend the rest of today organizing...also realized i need to put my shows in my organizer as well since i have not seen an episode of gossip girl since before the holidays!

  2. Haha, I'm such a massive procrastinator, that's why! I usually plan my outfits for the week every Sunday because it also means I can get that extra bit of sleep in the morning (and also, there would be no need to have a wardrobe panic with the oligatory 'I have nothing to wear!!' even though your wardrobe is full lol!).

    And yes! Do watch Gossip Girl. It's getting more interesting (well, more interesting than the previous season if I'm honest) and I'm so excited for the next episode this week! Just hoping the season finale will also be good as I found Season 3's finale to be a bit lacking...