28 Feb 2011

a blog award - thanks CP!

So, Caribbean Princess at MoaCP (blog name abbreviated as my fingers are very lazy today after a s**tload of revising of the immune system) very kindly gave me a blog award...with an awful, awful picture (I completely agree with your opinion on it, CP!)

Anyway, along with this award came some rules:
  • The graphic (shown above) must be displayed. - I really didn't want to display it, but rules are rules.
  • Five things must be listed about yourself; four of which must be lies.
  • The award must be given to at least five other bloggers.
If the above rules aren't followed, something disastrous will happen, etc, etc.

Here goes.
  1. I was selected for the U17s England netball team but chose not to go as it was too far from home!
  2. I have Chinese regal blood in me.
  3. My father is good friends with Jackie Chan and once had dinner with him.
  4. I once shared a twelve hour flight to Hong Kong with the England cricket team.
  5. My parents once bought so much Sunny Delight when we were younger, that my sister turned orange after drinking too much.
There you have it. Only one is real and with my young age, it must surely be quite easy to guess which is the true one ;) Don't worry, I won't hold it against you if you do get it wrong - I'm not the type to hold a grudge! 

I will reveal the true one in a few days time but in the meantime, feel free to comment with which one you find most probable.

As for passing this award one; I'm not going to pick and choose as I don't think I could choose five blogs! Therefore, I'm passing this onto anyone who reads this and wants to manifest their creativity into four lies and one truth (trust me, it's harder than it sounds).


  1. oooh these are difficult!
    I know you play and love your netball so I doubt you would turn down that opportunity so one is likely false.
    Chinese regal blood, hmmmmm, dont know, you havent mentioned that before so probably false.
    I would so love three to be true as jackie chan having dinner with your Dad would be awesome but probably false!
    Your family is from Hong Kong so this could have happened on a trip back so i think 4 is true!
    five, hahaha, then your parents should have sued Sunny D- false!
    I think 4 is true :-) fingers crossed.

  2. CP - interesting :p Answers are revealed in a few days time. I had a lot of fun making up the fake ones as they all seem improbable!

  3. Hmmm, I lack the logic skills of CP, but I am going to guess #3 is true because I heart Jackie Chan and I am hoping it is true so I can beg you for his autograph...

    (Hehehehe! Just kidding. Sort of...)