2 Apr 2011

the dark side?


I succumbed to the 'dark side' and have bought a Moleskine 2011 diary. My excuse? They were half price in Paperchase and with only a quarter of the year gone, half price is a good deal, no?

Anyway, I was lusting after one before I bought this one and now that I've bought this one, I think it may well be love at first sight. I bought the hardback one (not sure what size it is) with a day per page to it - something which is completely different to the layout I had been using in my Filofax - a week on two pages.

Here are a few pictures of my new Moleskine.

Upon opening my Moleskine, I am greeted with two perfume cards sprayed with the respective perfumes from a perfume counter:  Marc Jacobs Daisy and Marc Jacobs Lola. Marc Jacobs perfumes (along with Dior, Chloe and Chanel ones) are my guilty pleasures.

This ensures that I open it in a good mood and so am ready for some organisation!

A very handy month view:

I copied up the stuff I had in my Filofax into my Molskine. I tried to make it as colourful as possible!

Also, note that on the 28th of March, I ordered from Rymans...More on that later.

Another perfume sample: Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs:

As you can see, there is actually some bleed through in the paper. The pen that has bled through is a Uni-ball eye pen with a 0.5mm nib for those of you interested.

I love that there is a dedicated space for the weather and temperature at the bottom of each page:

With this layout, it means I can do more with each day. I can write down what I wore (I love fashion and am always looking for ways to improve the way I dress), the weather, or even a mini diary entry with interesting things that may have happened that day! This is something I love and if I do head back to the Filofax in 2012, I think I may just opt for the day per page layout instead. Hope they do that in cotton cream!

The back pocket where I keep my NHS card and the paper counterpart of my driving licence:

The back cover where I have an interesting illustration from the Harajuki perfume range. The card does not smell but I liked the illustration so stuck it here:

Now onto my Ryman's order. I have been going through pens like no tomorrow lately due to writing up lecture notes and through revision and as a result of this, I decided to bulk purchase some pens. I bought a few Uniball Signo Gelsticks in blue and red (when I say a few, think 'quite a lot') and then fifteen of these as they had been reduced to 99p! I already have this pen in the 0.5mm thickness but decided to try this one and this is how it looked... (ignore the 'WORE', that was written using a Uniball Eye pen in 0.5mm).

I'm pretty much loving the space and freedom I'm having with this Moleskine at the minute and will see how my love/hate develops during the course of this year before deciding whether to return to my Filofax (which I do love) or purchase another Moleskine. Right now, it looks like Moleskine has the upper hand but we'll see how everything changes after this 'honeymoon period'.


  1. nice. it never hurts to add some variety. also, i should have asked this earlier but what is "netball"...is it a british thing that this yankee won't understand?

  2. Hi Colie, netball is kind of a variation of basketball but without the contact and backboard on the rings. There are no two and three pointers - each goal is only worth one point (but even so, games can be very high scoring). Each team has seven players and each player wears a bib which tells you where they can and cannot go on court (as the court is split into thirds with a semi circle in each third aside from the centre third).

    Once a player has the ball, they cannot move with it and they have to pass the ball to another player within three seconds otherwise it will be a free pass to the opposition. These are just the basics but I hope it has given you an overview of what it is.

    If you're interested, there are quite a few videos on Youtube - just search for 'ANZ netball' and you'll get to see matches with some elite players in (i.e. players who play for their country or used to, etc).
    I hope this helps :]

  3. This is quite a direct and highly effiecient system. As it goes there are two groups that fret over things to the likes of organisers and their construction. Stationary nerds and organizational nerds. I fall into the latter catagory, which is to say I LOVE anything that can make my beautifly hectic life more efficient. Hence my obsession with Filofaxes. Though when I read this post, I found myself oddly tempted at the simplicity of the structure. It forced me rethink my Filofax's place in my heart. Darn you! ;)

    For now I have chosen to continue with my current love, my personal Teal Finchley. But we'll see...

    Anyhow, great blog!

  4. Thanks for these pictures! Everything on your blog serves as inspiration to organizing my own life, planner, etc. Your methods are extremely helpful and easy to use-- not to mention, pretty damn good looking :)