7 Apr 2011

writing a list

Justenoughsalt on Flickr commented on this photo of mine asking about the list I made on the right hand side. I said I would do a blog post on it and here it is! Sorry it's so late, I've been a bit lazy and lacklustre on the blogging front lately.

This bit is mainly in relation to a shopping list or a packing list - not really to-do list though it could be implemented that way. For me, I use three categories: essential, necessary and other. The list in the picture above is actually a list of how many plug sockets I'll need and for what!

Essential describes items that are in frequent use. As you can see on my list above, I have items such as my laptop, phone and a mouse adapter (particularly important in London where there is an abundance of mice!). In terms of a shopping list, this could describe essential groceries such as a loaf of bread, vegetables for that night's dinner, etc. For a packing list, this could be clean (obviously) underwear and socks and a toothbrush plus toothpaste.

These are items which will be in use regularly, but not regularly enough to have their own permenant socket. In essence, these three items could share a socket. For a shopping list, this many be washing up liquid - so it is essential but only because the bottle at home is running a little low - therefore, it can wait until it is on offer, for example. And for packing, this may include clothes and make up (because if you're going to a hot country, is non-waterproof mascara REALLY necessary apart from for the cooler days?!).

Again, applying this to my socket list, these include my chargers (which should really be in the essential list if you're packing for a holiday). The chargers can alternate one socket so are therefore 'other', though they could actually be put into the necessary column - I just wanted my sockets to all be in the same section. For a shopping list, this could be that bar of chocolate; and for a packing list, this could be that extra dress you wanted to pack (size and weight dependant after packing the essentials and necessities of course).

With these three lists, it helped me to narrow down what I really needed and what was really not that necessary. I have in the past applied this to a shopping list - using the 'other' list to cut down on my weekly expenditure.

I hope this helps, Justenoughsalt and I'm really sorry it took me so long to write this!


  1. ever since i saw that post i have been using the categories to differentiate between the stuff i need to buy, want to buy, and just plain want. lol, it was about plug sockets. inspiration from anywhere, right!

  2. Hi Your handwriting is beautiful! I'm also intrigued by the list division-as you say some things might wait a little longer til on sale etc

  3. I love seeing a peek into other people's journals. Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. I love seeing a sneak peek into people's journals and calendars. Yours is beautiful and I adore your hand writing.