17 Jul 2012

laduree macarons

A bit of a random post; but a necessary one because these macarons are just SO good!

I mean, just look at the packaging:

And upon opening:

A leaflet that comes with it. It is stamped with the date that the macarons were bought too.

This box was to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Laduree.

These were the ones I chose.

And a closer look:

From top to bottom: salted caramel, coffee, lemon and lime basil and
strawberry marshmallow.

From top to bottom: Salted caramel again (yes, it's that good), mint, vanilla and lime marshmallow
If you're ever in London or Paris, these macarons are a must-try. When I do get them (once a year or so), I get them from Harrods as I get Harrods card points (kinda pointless but you can save them up to spend it on something - in my case: more macarons!). If it's your first time trying them, beware; as you might get overwhelmed from the number of flavours you could choose. Unless you get the box of 32 or whatever it is, you might end up being spoilt for choice (as I was as I get the box of 8!).


  1. How much are they for a box of eight, also do they sell them individually?

    1. I can't remember the exact number but they were between £10 and £20 for a box of eight. They've also made them smaller than they used to and for the same price too :(

      I don't think they do them individually, though in the Harrods concession, they have a Laduree tea room if that suits you better :)