1 Jul 2012

your filofax week (#11)

This week, I'm featuring Jotje/Judith's pages! Although they were of the week before, they are still relevant as you can still see how she organises her planner. Her blog is We Really Didn't Need Another Filofax Blog (don't know about you guys but to be honest, I can never tire of reading about Filofaxes, so, yes we did need another blog!).

Anyway, this is what she had to say about her week:

"This is my past week. As you can see I color-code my entries. Pink = family/kids; lime green = household; aqua = work; purple = personal/me.

At the bottom of each day I have my meal plan in light green. I don’t use the weekly spread for Todo’s, for the simple reason that there is no real space to record them. I am currently using a Daytimer Hot sheet to record weekly todo’s. If there is any time-specific todo in future weeks, I use a small post-it note (like you see here on Monday).

I also use a lot of stickers to make appointments or specials stand out. I’m still using my supply of stickers that came with my Erin Condren  Life Planner. They fit exactly in a column which I love!

The little square stickers are from Organised Mum (organisedmum.co.uk).

I use a yellow highlighter to indicate working hours of DH, so I know when he’ll not be around for dinner or to take over one of the numerous taxi-drives that come with a family of six … ;-)"

Without further ado, here is her week!

Isn't it wonderful? The colour, the simplicity but it still has an air of professionality (is that a word??) to it! I honestly love this and wish for a day when my life is interesting enough to use an A5 as my main diary (look at the space!) but also so that I have an excuse to use stickers for different bits of my life, or even for different kids (in the future...?). I also love the month tabs - they just add more colour and a further level of organisation to the Filofax.

Thank you so much to Judith for sending me her week. And I'm so glad to be sharing it with you all too as it really is fantastic!

How has your week been? Are there parts of Judith's planner you're envious of (feel free to share - I have done already in a paragraph above!) and are there parts you would love to try and re-create? :)

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  1. Thanks for featuring my week, Angela!!!!

    1. No, thank you for sending your week in :) I absolutely love your week and I wish I was a mum so I could use the same stickers LOL x

  2. I love how information-rich the spread is at a glance. Thanks for doing this feature, Angela, and thanks for sharing with us, Judith.