27 Aug 2013

my week round-up #34

Here was my week and here are the blogs taking part in this week's round-up:

{1} Lucy Wonderland
{2} Rain by XOXO
{3} Miss Mai's Adventures
{4} Filo Cuteness
{5} My Summer Touch
{6} Star Gardener
{7} Sailor Mouth
{8} Life of Kitty
{9} Roses in December
{10} She's Eclectic
{11} Innocent and Twisted
{12} Coffee and Stationery
{13} Properly Made Up
{14} Pen and Paper Passion
{15} Ginger Fox
{16} Life of Bubbi
{17} Miss Sweet Pea
{18} DIY Sara
{19} The Simple Life
{20} My Purpley Life
{21} Fi-Lily Fi-Lo

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NB: Inclusion on my weekly round-ups do not mean that I endorse any of the products or services sold by readers in the list and I do not get commission from any sales that may be the result of a click-through.


  1. Thank you so much <3 ( ^ x ^ )

  2. Hi Angela,

    I was trying to add your widget to my blog so that I could join in with the my week posts but when I copied the link it said that it contained illegal characters :/ was just wondering if you knew how to overcome this problem? :)