16 Aug 2013

a closer look at my study desk

It took me a while to write this post even though I've had the photos taken for quite some time. I have no excuses for this apart from the fact that I've had too many blog post ideas and that is why this one flew under the radar.

So, here is a direct view of my desk with the bare necessities on it (it has changed since you last saw it here in this post):

What can I say... I like water! The water in those bottles is actually tap water that has been boiled and cooled.
Above the desk, there is plenty of space on the wall for my pinboard. I have still yet to put this up as I'm looking at other places where I could put it. This is because it's nice to have a 'blank' space above the desk for those times when distractions need to be minimised in order to enhance the studying process.

And with an uncluttered desk, this leaves a big and empty space for books, notes and studying. I like how my desk looks with very little on it and I'm hoping to keep it this way once medschool starts (fingers crossed!).

During the day, the light is coming in from the right of the desk but at night and on duller days, a desk lamp is essential. My desk lamp is just a cheap (but quite a well built one!) from IKEA and I have decorated it using Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori cable ties, a bear magnet that came with a birthday card from my sister, a Miffy charm, USB sticks and a cute card I received from Maiike over at My Filo World :)

Overall, I am happy with this set-up as the deeper design of the desk allows for textbooks to be open, my laptop to be closed and pushed to the back but still leaving plenty of space for papers and note-taking. I've tried to keep it as minimalistic as possible, but at the same time add a few personal touches in the form of decorating my desk lamp.

How do you like your office/study space? Are you similar to me, in that you prefer a more minimalistic design; or do you like it to look lived in, maybe a little messy but also with an air of productivity? :)


  1. Hi Angela,

    I like the simple layout of keeping things to a minimum on your desk!
    It also seems like the perfect location in your room regarding sunlight during the day :)

    All the best for Med school!! x

    1. Thanks :) The natural light aspect was quite an important thing for me and this was the only place where I could put the desk really :)

      Thanks again - I'm a little bit scared! x

    2. I am blogging about my journey to med school, and I have to say, the med students and F1's I have spoken to have assured me it is all worth it. As much as it'll be hard and stressful at times, you got through your first degree with fantastic grades and you'll do amazing in medical school!
      I just saw your recent post about being prepared etc. and it looks like you have it all worked out. I will be taking tips :D x

  2. Love the minimalist appeal of your desk. I'm attempting to do that with mine but alas I am a hoarder of stationery items and seem to fail in the department.

    Good luck with med school - wish you the best

    1. Haha I'm also a hoarder of stationery things but I'm trying to stop that now :) It was hard choosing which items to have on my desk but I think this minimalistic nature is for the best :)

      Thanks! Think I will definitely need the luck hehe x

  3. Looks great, calm and clutter free :D Adorable lamp decorations too! x