30 Aug 2013

all ready for a new course and university

Right now, it feels like the calm before a storm - term starts in four days and I am a little bit scared! However, I have prepared as much as I could have - finances, study area and all the other bits that are within my control have been primed.

{ f i n a n c e s }

My new student bank account has been opened and is ready to welcome in the first installment of my maintenance loan (which is peanuts, by the way). I've also worked out a budget for each term (food, petrol, travelling, books, etc) and hopefully, I will stick to it. Only time will tell!

{ s t u d y    a r e a }

I blogged about this a few months' ago and this area is all ready for action. My desk is empty enough and prepared for the books, notes and stationery that will inevitably grace its surface and my bookshelf has space for textbooks that I will borrow from the library or elect to buy if they come in useful enough.

{ p l a n n i n g }

I gave this area much thought as I'm not entirely sure that my current diary set-up (of week on two page inserts) will leave me enough space to write my timetable, assignments and to-dos on. However, I've decided to give it a go with the aid of some DayTimer Hotlists and to-do inserts slotted in between diary pages; and I will try this until the end of this year.

For 2014, I am weighing up my options and I'm seriously considering using a bound diary (yes - after saying that I couldn't envisage myself doing that!). I've still yet to decide though and will undoubtedly blog about the bound vs ring dilemma in a few months' time.

A Muji notebook, a Rhodia notebook and a Daycraft notebook. Shown with a Bic ballpoint pen and two Muji 0.5mm gel pens.
In other stationery news - I have bought some Bic ballpoint pens (perfect for revision time), already have an abundance of Muji gel pens and refills (for writing out my notes in a neat manner, ready for revision) and also have a lot of notebooks that are just begging to be filled with something medicine-related.

{ u n i v e r s i t y    b a g }

There was a Zatchels 50% off sale a few months' ago and I decided to splurge out for one for the purpose of university use. The Zatchel will hold my books and pens, etc whilst a separate shoulder bag will hold other stuff such as food, my purse and other necessities. Once I've used the bag for a bit, I will blog about it :)

{ t h i n g s    s t i l l    t o    d o }

One thing I can't do right now is get my 18+ travelcard (designed for university students in London) and thus, can't purchase my Oyster Travelcard yet. Apparently, I can only get the 18+ travelcard after 'registering' with the university - something that should happen sometime next week :)


Aside from the one minor hiccup at the end, I have pretty much prepared for university as well as I could do. Having done university before, I definitely feel more prepared this time and also a bit wiser about it all. However, as we all know - life is unpredictable and so, all of these preparations could have been for nothing (though I hope not!).


  1. I like your bag!! And your desk is so organized! On my desk there's space for nothing ( ! ^ . ^ )

    1. Thanks :) I love a clean and empty desk as it gives me loads of space for studying on hehe x

  2. Ooh - so exciting, and the time is finally here!!! I hope your first week goes really well :-)

    1. I know - it felt like the longest wait ever when I got the offer back in February but now that it's here, I feel so scared haha. Thanks! x