3 Nov 2013

my week #81

Thank you for the lovely comments last week (regarding my birthday) :) Sorry I've not replied to them - I've just been so busy with barely any time for myself, let alone replying to emails and the like. I only got around to doing some life admin yesterday!

Anyway, I had a mock exam this week but I think I was one of the few in my year who didn't revise for it (as my plan is to gauge what level to revise at for the real exams, rather than waste energy potentially revising the wrong things). I've been quite chilled out this week but you wouldn't know it from my timetable. 

Unfortunately, I think my weeks have been going downhill and I don't see them improving dramatically so you'll be subjected to a diary that is used by someone who has (almost) no time to relax!

How has your week been?

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  1. Afraid I missed last week, so here's wishing you belated, but very Happy Birthday wishes to you! Hope your day was a nice one! ~tina