24 Nov 2013

my week #84

This week, I had nothing timetabled for Wednesday but it didn't feel that way. Because Monday and Tuesday were full days and evenings, I had left all my work (due on Thursday) for the Wednesday and that made my 'day off' less enjoyable. However, exams are in three weeks so I would most probably have been revising anyway!

Catching Fire was released this week (if my planner isn't lying to me) and my friends and I are hoping to see it sometime soon. Because we don't get each week's timetable until the start of the week (Monday at 12pm), plans are often shuffled and re-shuffled until a better week crops up. 

How was your week?


  1. Such a pretty week! I love how you started revising 2 weeks early :') <3

  2. Your weeks are still my favorite to look at. I heard Catching Fire was very good and true to the second book. I hope I can manage to reread it before I head to the movies to watch it next week.

  3. Wow you're so dedicated to decorating your diary but it looks amazing!