1 Nov 2013

october review

This month, I went through an extraordinary amount of paper and ink. Here are my essentials to explain why:

Avery tabs, Muji gel pens, Staedtler Lumocolor permanent pen, Zebra Bepens and washi tape.
The Avery tabs were useful for dividing each week into separate sections and they have also come in useful for bookmarking pages in various textbooks. The pens and washi tape are super useful for when I write out my notes that will be used for revision. One of the pens shown is the Zebra Bepen 05 and it isn't a pen you can get here in the UK (as far as I know). My mum bought a few when she was last in Hong Kong and I really like how it writes.

The next picture shows my written out notes and you can see how I've used the pens and washi tape shown in the previous picture.

Another thing that I found useful for studying was the Medscape application on my phone. It has been invaluable for looking up various conditions and just generally browsing when bored on public transport.

Finally, I made flashcards for each clinical examination as we went along and due to their portability, I look at them when I can and then run through them in my head. They also come in handy for when I actually practice them on a friend as I can look at them after doing the exam and then see what I missed out/didn't do as well, etc.

My life has become all about studying and due to the amount of pens I end up going through each month, you might well be seeing all kinds of pens and stationery in the next few months!


  1. Your notes look so fun! Isn't it much easier to study when your notes just scream "look at me and take in this knowledge?"

  2. The amount of work that you have to do scares me! The medical field really interests me though - I did used to want to be a midwife but decided I was too squeamish xD
    And of course your notes look great!